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Car display advantages
Jun 03, 2016

Display is very important for a product exists, display the degree of beauty product sales are also influential, automotive display racks for cars is a very important presence, introduce small car display below advantages:

Car show frame for car brand of distinguished style, hundred variable styling of function, show car variety small accessories has unique of at. car show frame layer Board regulation function solution has products show problem, car show frame layer Board free adjustment, repeatedly disassembly for car products show has foil auxiliary role, Golden skeleton match perfect sight to customer a warm elegant of shopping environment. car show frame full show and foil you of products, full upgrade you of enterprise and brand image makes products play out extraordinary of charm.

Car show frame beautiful generous, disassembly easy, can repeat disassembly, car exhibition frame layer Board and layer Board Zhijian height can wanton conditioning, aluminum material used light high strength aluminum too alloy molded forming, by column, and beam, and Board only, and glass, and lamps, and dedicated convergence pieces, assembled and into, has assembled flexible, and transport convenient, and high-end beautiful, and rugged, characteristics, can according to practice site and personal hobby custom into various style, especially all information are in factory processing Hou shipped to site assembled, no decoration waste, and no decoration noise, and Decoration pollution-free, fast and easy, and environmental health.

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