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Display advantages and disadvantages of various materials
Jun 03, 2016

Display according to different styles have different display effect, of course, different display racks are made of different materials, in order to facilitate a better understanding, the following will introduce to you the simple display of a variety of materials.

1, wood: advantages of adjustable structure, can make a variety of design, and showcase production material prices moderate. disadvantage is the heavier materials, produced does not move out of the light, not suitable for showcase.

2, stainless steel material, advantage is resistant to deformation and strength high, high wear resistance, hardness, no rust, polished up after high-brightness effects. drawbacks structural is not strong, are hard to make abstract graphics, more vulnerable to fingerprints, to regularly clean.

3, Tin: the advantage is that the material is inexpensive, lighter materials. disadvantage is that structures have changed a little more difficult to make a variety of effects, if the overall showcase making material Tin is expected to lack the taste of design.

4, and pressure acrylic: advantages is has permeability Crystal effect, relative Yu external climate resistance waiting sex highlight relative Yu acid strong of ammonia, and sulfuric acid, is has must of durability, twisted or contraction, aspects anti-deformation capacity strong of showcase making material, shortcomings is material more heavy, and easy broken, and price your. so in do showcase displayed of when to design good what of Showcase material can full reflected out himself products of features. makes its better of show to customer.

5, glass: the advantage is that the material cheap, transparent effect. disadvantage is more heavy, fragile material.

Display the most important function is to counter can direct Visual communication with the consumer, and can give consumers clear information about enterprise products, and consumer behavior. good counter in the "experience economy" could also contribute under the influence of the thought of "turn heads".

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