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How to choose the right display
Jun 03, 2016

Whether in the upscale shopping mall or a supermarket, there will be a display appears, showing that it is the role of immeasurable. but there is a problem: how to choose the right display? small editor here to answer your questions.

Certainly show frame put in shop inside more has. so show frame the how select does? this will see himself of aesthetic has, general situation Xia, phone, hi-tech products, with glass or white of better, and porcelain, products should select wood type of show frame, to highlight products of antique, also floor show frame also should select wood quality of to highlight floor of wood quality features.

Under normal circumstances, display color white and transparent, and it is the mainstream choice, of course, choice of festive holiday display is red, like the post new year's greeting card display stands are dominated by red.

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