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Display Portable Exhibition And Trade Show Supplies, Fast Show What's The Difference
Jun 03, 2016

Display includes display x banner, roll up and l, and so on, as long as they can play a role in showing the shelf display shelf structure are known as display, but in people's consciousness and only upload shelves can be used to display items in display or shelf can be said to be.

Portable exhibition contains is too wide, for example: x banner l banner, fold information, background display, netting, promotions can be called portable exhibition equipment such as tables and chairs. Portable exhibition equipment means: easy to carry, easy to assemble, easy to transport furniture, supplies are generally used in the show.

Fast show is more general, more fast display of goods is the fast show. Fast show actually is to participate in the exhibition can quickly expand their product, because the show is generally in the field of exhibitions. Also would like to elegant, simple and convenient, so it appears the fast show's terms.

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