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Exhibition Equipment Industry Prospects In Development Of Community And International
Jun 03, 2016

Exhibitions in recent years, China's fast-growing economy booming business prospects, China also went real fast-developing world. Development will also mark the needs of every industry so there is a product out of exhibition equipment to flourish.

Exhibition opportunities are so great, but lack of content, the Millennium exhibition, a defective but torture with organizers of the nerve.

In November, 2013-design exhibition will be unveiled in Shanghai, Shanghai creativity entrusted Design Association, Shanghai University hosts the annual international work camp exhibition invitation exhibition, part of theme exhibition display design and derivatives of the design. And see how students from around the world contribute to the exhibition idea. This collaboration also for exhibition design requirements of the higher education in colleges and universities and improve the effect of exhibition show, universities must go first.

Exhibition equipment bottlenecks

According to show design industry association introduced, only currently training of talent number, also far meet can't the home show exhibition company huge of talent needs, and face more professional of market and customer, show design talent of training mode, also need from past single of commercial space thinking conversion to full of from planning exhibition, show products recommends, show furniture design, show space design and exhibition site experience, multiple aspects.

Display design is a highly professional operation, but also need a designer for three dimensional and two-dimensional image display method, and people encountered the lead in showing the space factors of comprehensive consideration and coordinated manner. Personnel training of exhibition design, focused on the cultivation of students ' thinking in practical work conversion capacities and abilities. During the design process, simplify complex issues is the trend, many complex factors into a simple design to reflect a complex space.

And due to exhibition design and policy exhibition professional is domestic in recent years of emerging industry, industry in the many of policy exhibition people and show Designer is by architectural design, indoor design and plane and art history, professional befuddles, this makes currently art college within show design education and policy exhibition people of training into a relative fuzzy of concept, many college will show design as attached belongs to commercial space design of a categories, ignored has show designer for exhibition planning of effect, Show also weakened from designers to the all-round talents of exhibition management process. And because of the timeliness of exhibition design and characteristics of fast consumption patterns, behind closed doors apparently is hard to keep up with the level of development of the industry.

Exhibition industry will occupy a certain position in China, China's exhibition industry also occupies a certain position in the international arena. Exhibition of innovation is also an unknown, rapidly developing areas.

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