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Generally Made To Do What The L Banner Of What Material?
Jul 14, 2017

L Banner production materials are usually based on Chun Yafang and warp knitted fabrics.

Chiffon, also known as polyester cloth or L Banner cloth, flag cloth, mainly used to provide the production of national flags, corporate flags and advertising flags, is the most commonly used L Banner production materials.

1, the advantages: the use of sublimation ink, no irritating smell, double through the effect of good, high penetration of ink, positive and negative can be printed, and print the same effect, the maximum size of 3.2m wide.

2, shortcomings: due to stereotypes of temperature, the screen in the sublimation heating, there will be 1-3% of the contraction;

3, Chun Ya textile applications include: corporate flags, advertising flags, national flags and so on.

Warp knitting cloth is different from the spring Yafang, warp knitted cloth or knitted fabric or windproof cloth, is designed to produce advertising L Banner material; this material has good ventilation performance, windy areas often use warp cloth To produce advertising flag or corporate L Banner.

Warp cloth is mainly used in: water injection flag, knife flag printing, this cloth will not be spinning will not be off-line production is required to long-term hanging in the outdoor advertising L Banner of choice.

Advertising flag for the company, products, information and so on.

With advertising, advertising display of the flag collectively referred to as advertising flag.

Advertising flags are mostly suspended or placed in the exhibition, the company hall, leisure places and roadside and other places.

The fabrics used are chiffon 170T or knitted polyester, satin and so on.

Using a unique printing technology, process innovation, printing L Banner color fastness, bright and bright, waterproof, sunscreen, do not fade.

As the advertising flag is used to promote the company and the product with the L Banner, to be deeply rooted, very eye-catching, so the advertising flag on the color requirements are higher.

So more flags in terms of technology or from the paint and fabric are demanding, so as to print out the bright L Banner of advertising, giving a bright feeling.

It must be the current and future advertising industry trends.

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