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L Banner Machine Making Banner In Two Formats
Nov 01, 2017

L Banner is the printing industry's most popular equipment, has a unique advantage, and today we share the L Banner machine making L Banner format:

One,L Banner written in two or three lines

① two lines of the pattern: the left and right lines are on both sides of the paper to write the left and right sides of the paper to leave more gaps. Focus on the upper and lower word contact rhythm, and the two lines of mutual care. Inscribed ordinary write at the end of the second line, Should be slightly higher than the top of the list at the end of a word. Words L Banner can write a line or two lines.

② three lines of the pattern: the need to pay attention to the relationship between the three lines, cross-banding and rhythm changes. Inscribed at the bottom line, the bottom slightly higher than one or two lines of the text of the position; Words should be shorter than the text, the upper and lower should not be parallel with the text.

L Banner Second, the middle of writing a line (less words)

① writing content for the general maxims, aphorisms or a poem, etc. The number of words less, write to pay attention to the word opening and closing and rhythm changes, in order to vivid.

② inscribed can be divided into single paragraph, single section of the general write in the left side of the center of the location of the content includes writing, the author's name, but also only write the author name or number. Stamp cover under the words, ordinary To the two sides is appropriate, India and India to be appropriate to pull away from the distance between the two models, written on the right side of the work on the center of the partial, ordinary writing work to create the work, if presented works, then Need to specify the name or name of the recipient, the title and Masahiro, benefit deposit, reward and other words.

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