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L Banner Paper Size And Application Range!
Oct 23, 2017

L Banner Factory's business scope is not the printing and production of paper, we are committed to all kinds of flags and fabrics dyeing and production, I plant can provide long-term banner design, printing and production. I plant the introduction of the digital flag printing equipment can print all kinds of waterjet flag, advertising knife flag, the Secretary flag, etc .; our equipment for the L Banner content and the number of basically no requirements, photos, color patterns, gradient color, etc. Can be printed; our products are not afraid of washing, not afraid of the characteristics of the sun, special materials also have wind resistance;

In order to meet the needs of our customers we will introduce some of the L Banner and printing has nothing to do with the knowledge, these common sense is mainly around the advertising industry and life around some of the small knowledge, not only to meet everyone's needs can also enrich our site. Hope to help everyone, the following we first talk about some of the paper printing related knowledge: the size of the paper and should range.

L Banner factory detailed analysis:

The size of the paper refers to the size of the paper sheet, which is the largest size and a minimum size, generally indicated by the size of the paper. If the paper is larger or smaller than this size range, the product can not be folded and collated. Normal printing paper is divided into positive paper size and large size paper size

Positive paper: 787 × 1092mm

Number of openings (degrees) Dimensions Unit (mm)

Full open 781 × 1086

2 open 530 × 760

3 open 362 × 781

4 open 390 × 543

6 open 362 × 390

8 open 271 × 390

16 open 195 × 271

Large paper: 850 × 1168mm

Number of openings (generosity) Dimensions Unit (mm)

Full open 844 × 1162

2 open 581 × 844

3 open 387 × 844

4 open 422 × 581

6 open 387 × 422

8 open 290 × 422

Application of paper:

In accordance with the size of the size, usually divided into three types: large-scale, medium-sized and small format. To 787 × 1092 of the paper, 12 or more for the large-scale opening, 16 to 36 open for the medium-sized, 40 open for the following small format, but the text-based books are generally medium-sized version of the book. Open the shape in addition to 6 open, 12 open, 20 open, 24 open, 40 open similar to the square, the rest are the proportion of the rectangle, respectively, applied to the nature and use of different books.

Full open B1 1091 X 787,1042 X 751 for wall newspaper, open (half open) B2 787 X 545 751 X 521 for poster posters, 16 open B5 272 X 196,260 X 187 26 Mainly applied to hole sheets Notebook of a class of printed matter, chrysanthemum full open A1 872 X 621,842 X 594 poster, chrysanthemum 8 open A4 310 X 218,297 X 210 photocopy paper, chrysanthemum 16 open A5 218 X 155,210 X 148 manual.

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