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Specification Of Specific Work For The Brochure Holdersl
May 31, 2017

The Brochure Holders of the manual is a collection of information such as a subject or a subject that is frequently searched for information that the reader may check at any time. The manual mainly provides people with a basic knowledge of a discipline or a certain aspect, to facilitate daily life or study. English, commonly used Handbook and Manual said that the former focus on "what" (what) a class of information, such as data, facts, etc., the latter emphasis on "how to do" "(how-to) and the like.

(1) the internal control Brochure Holders, through the preparation of the overall framework of the internal control system, so that every employee within the enterprise clearly know what they should do, should not do anything, and the final implementation of these acts ~ it Is in the daily process of internal enterprises to guide the specific work of the norms of staff;

(2) The risk management Brochure Holders, through the establishment of detailed risk identification, risk analysis and risk response system and continuous dynamic feedback management model, timely detection and correction may lead to risk into adverse behavior, and in the actual work of the Has identified the risk of a part of the warning, with a view to the business management of the risks facing the acceptable within the acceptable range.

The Brochure Holders of the franchise is a series of documents compiled by the franchisor for guiding, standardizing, supervising and examining the franchise system and making it smooth. It is a summary, creation and sublimation of the text, graphics, audio, video and other forms of knowledge, experience, skill, creativity and status of the franchisee's own franchise business. It is the franchisee's industrial property and / or knowledge The materialized form of property rights. They can have a variety of classification, for example, can be divided into "joining the guide", "single store series manual", "branch or franchisee series manual", "headquarters series manual" and other four parts.

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