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The Advantage Of Thermal Transfer L Banner
Jul 14, 2017

The factory used thermal transfer color L Banner, absorbing the many advantages of imported equipment, combined with the actual situation in the country, in the design and production, made a number of reasonable improvements, the use of high-quality stainless steel tube for the heat carrier, stainless steel alloy rods around the heat , Power saving l / 3, imported raw materials, high temperature blankets, a temperature control, two constant temperature, saving electricity, set up to stop, forward, back file, power protection, automatic speed control, continuous printing, Rice, that is, that is dry, resistant to UV, a variety of color, color step to complete, the real realization of the L Banner of the revolutionary upgrade. Function, although not completely replace the inkjet machine, but in the production cost and production speed better than the inkjet machine.

Main function and application scope

One, printed L Banner, Banner, huge, Banner, a variety of color, color step to complete, that is printed that dry, small footprint, no environmental pollution, the width of the width of 0.7 meters in the total cost of 1 to 1.5 yuan / m.

Second, can produce light boxes, door head, printed color cloth bags. Clothing, curtains, advertising umbrella, advertising rain Peng, parking shed, travel Oxford cloth tents and other aspects of printing.

Third, the printing speed of 0-5 meters per minute, any stepless speed, continuous printing, the length is not limited.

Fourth, correction function, power saving function, automatic cooling function, power failure processing function, automatic cutting function, forward and backward function, safe delivery function.

Monochrome, a variety of sets of color, color L Banner of the production methods and steps

One, in the computer to produce the text size, font design is good;

Second, the transfer paper (that is, pre-coated with a variety of color paste and can be coated with color coated paper) in the cutting machine cut out the design of good text (equivalent to cut the stickers of the process );

Third, the cut good text stacked on the bar cloth, printed by thermal transfer machine, that is, that is dry,

Fourth, if you want to print the color of the transition color, you can first in the printing press with thermal transfer ink printed into a 1: 1 color map, and then stacked in the bar on the cloth, through the L Banner machine, out of finished products.

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