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The Relationship Between Craft And Life L Banner
Nov 01, 2017

Color related to people's clothing, food, shelter, work, study and daily life in all aspects. So what is the link between the craft and the life of the flag machine?

We will be based on different occasions to choose the color atmosphere, so that space "vibrant". In the cloth embellishment on the deployment of brilliant colors can promote the fashionable vitality of the space, with bright colors of pure color by bag decorated with the sofa, you can add a lot of fresh atmosphere to the living room smell; with bright flowers or bright bright color of the window cloth Hanging window, it seems that the vitality of nature to the house. So what is the color that the flag machine brings to our life?

1. Pure color by the package living room is not lack of bright high-brightness solid color by the package on the sofa, the color is the same as the magician, not only let your living room instant open fashion charm, but also for the space to increase the sense of depiction.

2. Yan Suqiao clever bright spot to see the eye-catching picture cooperation bright colors, will undoubtedly make cloth window cloth into the space in the bright spot, and then plain plains with contrast, more outstanding window cloth vivid temperament. Will be printed in all kinds of general picture, colorful cloth pieces together, can show a strange characterization of the role of embellishment. Do you want my room to be disgraced?

3. Pure color decorated white plain and elegant blue, bright yellow and other high saturation of pure color fabric and pure white home main tone deployment, in the preservation of the bright colors unique vivid temperament together, less a little bright on the back of the flashy, more A bit simple and elegant, the most suitable for the bedroom.

With the now more and more known for the L Banner is recognized by everyone, it means that the L Banner is to become a representative of the enterprise and the country's image played a very good role, and from which you can see that the L Banner is no longer the traditional meaning of the above Of the, but with a lot of styles exist.

With the people now on the beauty of the things that have changed, even if only a small L Banner is also able to show its beautiful style. There are a lot of styles and a variety of colors, and the basics are all colorful, and there are many very single colors, which are, for example, our country's solemn flag, party flag and so on. These are because of a symbol of a country's unyielding spirit, are of extraordinary significance. Thus reflecting the uniqueness. And the more colorful flags are all inside the school with the flag, the team and the like. In the production of the above how to design it? First of all need to determine the size of the size of the L Banner, as well as the need to draw above the L Banner pattern, and for these patterns in the color above the choice is also need to be developed in advance, so as to produce the L Banner has the effect of display.

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