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The Relevant Type Of The Pop Up Counter
Jun 23, 2017

A Pop Up Counter is a device capable of recording the number of pulses and is the most commonly used logic component in digital circuits. Pop Up Counter in the digital system is mainly to count the number of pulses to achieve the measurement, counting and control functions, while both frequency function. The Pop Up Counter consists of a basic counting unit and a number of control gates. The counting unit consists of a series of flip-flops with stored information functions. There are RS flip-flops, T flip-flops, and D flip-flops. The counter is divided into binary counter and decimal counter. According to the operation function, it is divided into addition counter, subtract counter and reversible counter (also called bidirectional counter, both can be added and can be subtracted). Counters are widely used in digital systems, such as counting the instruction addresses in the controller of an electronic computer. Pop Up Counter can be used to display the working status of the product, in general, is mainly used to indicate how many copies of the product has been completed with the page work.

1, if the Pop Up Counter in the flip-flop is also at the same time flip classification, the counter can be divided into synchronous counter and asynchronous counter two

2, if the count in the process of counting the number of changes in the classification, but also the counter can be divided into the addition of counter, subtraction counter and reversible counter, with the clock signal is increasing for the addition of the counter, the reduction of the subtraction counter, Reversible counter.

There are a lot of categories are not enumerated, but the most commonly used is the first classification, because this classification can make people at a glance, know that the counter in the end what is triggered in order to facilitate the designer to design the circuit.

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