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What Is The L Banner Of The Company?
Jul 05, 2017

Division L Banner for the enterprise is significant, is a symbol of the enterprise, the flag is generally the symbol of the enterprise color. L Banner usually have the name of the company or company knowledge, hanging when the general hanging in the business door, and the flag at the same time hanging, and lower than the flag. Enterprise L Banner implies the temperament of enterprises, highlighting the corporate culture, reflecting the spirit of the enterprise, showing the personality characteristics of enterprises, for a business has a very important significance.

Secretary flag material: Chun Yafang introduction

1 use: Chun Yafang is what we often say that the national flag cloth or polyester cloth, mainly used for printing the flag, the flag, flags, knife flag, hanging mantle, hanging flag and other L Banner, can also be used for printing beach flag and water Flag screen.

2 nature: Chun Yafang fabric latitude and longitude are used polyester DTY75D / 72F intertwined, the fabric is made of flat texture texture, density, smooth surface, can be used to print small text.

3 printing effect: smooth surface (without gloss), you can print small text, material printing double through the effect is good, printed on the front and back of the L Banner is basically no color difference.

PS: Division flag materials in addition to Chun Yafang fabrics can also have other options, according to different purposes to choose a different flag material, if it is used to hang on the flagpole or for the production of flag, it is recommended to use Chun Yafang As the flag material.

1. If the Chinese enterprises flagpole is generally 3 or 5, flagpole for the middle of the Chinese flag, both sides for the enterprise flag, corporate flag is generally shorter than the flag flag flag, the middle flag can not exceed 30 meters.

2. If it is a Sino-foreign joint venture, the Chinese flag should be the same as the foreign flag, but in the actual construction of the Chinese flag flag can be slightly higher than the foreign flagpole is generally 50mm.

3. The government and the army generally use a flag flagpole, height can not exceed 30 meters, the general height of 12 meters to 28.8 meters.

4. Square flagpole general height of 18 meters to 29.8 meters.

5. Gymnasium flagpole height of 9 meters to 15 meters in general.

6. Hotel flagpole both luxury and even look solemnly the general height of 12 meters to 19.8 meters, generally with 5, the middle of the Chinese flag, both sides of the national L Banner or the hotel's own flag.

7. School flagpole generally use a flagpole, or Chinese flag, a height of 12 meters to 15.8 meters.

8. Factory flagpole generally use three flagpoles, but if it is Sino-foreign joint ventures or foreign factories can also be used 5 or more, the height is generally 8 meters to 15.8 meters, such as plant or office building for the multi-layer optional higher.

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