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What Is The Size Of The Hand L Banner?
Jul 05, 2017

A L Banner, a person or thing that has a vanguard role in a field. Example: Beckenbauer is a L Banner of German football.

A L Banner can refer to the name of a person who, when doing something, Example: many rivers and lakes are the L Banner of scientific sciences to do ignorant and superstitious activities.

Hand L Banner is the other holding the L Banner in the hands of the hand, the use of hand L Banner is very broad, for example: a fan club, cheerleading, traffic command, expansion activities, tours, tour guides will be used. Hand L Banner size in accordance with the use of different ways can be divided into a large model, namely: large hand L Banner, medium hand L Banner, trumpet hand L Banner; Here we introduce the model hand L Banner, L Banner size As well as a brief description of the use of hand L Banner.

1, large hand L Banner:

Large hand L Banner size includes: No. 2 L Banner (high 160 * long 240cm), the third L Banner (128 * long 192cm), four L Banner (high 96 * 144cm long), three specifications of the hand L Banner are required Equipped with 1.6-3 meters telescopic stainless steel telescopic L Banner; large hand L Banner is mainly used for large-scale sports events cheering, outdoor development (on the 4th), summer camp, stage performances, public welfare activities and so on.

2, medium hand L Banner

Medium hand L Banner size: high 30 * long 45cm, high 40 * long 60cm, high 60 * long 90cm, respectively, configuration of small and medium telescopic L Banner (to reach the longest): 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, which 120cm length of the L Bannerpole most commonly used; medium hand L Banner for mountaineering team, tour guide team leader, traffic command and so on.

3, trumpet hand L Banner

Trumpet hand L Banner size only: high 20 * long 30cm and high 14 * long 21cm two specifications, 20 * 30 L Banner configuration 40cm length plastic L Banner, 14 * 21cm L Banner configuration 30cm length plastic L Banner; trumpet Hand L Banner is often used in cheerleading, large festivals, tour members, some of the large-scale activities of enterprises, fans and so on.

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