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What Is The Standard Size Of The Company L Banner?
Jul 05, 2017

For the standard size of the company's L Banner and the standard size of the enterprise L Banner, there is no legal requirement. If the flag and flag of the company flag and flag are suspended, the size of the company's flag shall not be greater than the flag. The height of the flag shall not be greater than the flag You can.

The standard size of the company's L Banner and the standard size of the enterprise L Banner can also be produced according to the standard size of the flag. Generally, there are three kinds of flag sizes: the size of the flag is 160 * 240, the size of the flag is 128 * 192, 96 * 144; these three specifications of the flag is often used for business door, the door of the unit, the factory gate of the flagpole; 7 meters to 9 meters of the flagpole can use No. 4 flag, 9 meters to 12 meters flagpole can use No. 3 flag And No. 4 flag two, 10 meters to 15 meters can be used with No. 3 flag and flag 2

Flag of the national standard: No. 1 flag: 1920 * 2880 two flag: 1600 * 2400 three flags: 1280 * 1920 four flags: 960 * 1440 five flag: 640 * 960

The practice of flying the flag around:

Beijing, Tiananmen Square, Xinhua Gate; Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, State Council, Central Military Commission, Supreme People's Court, Supreme People's Procuratorate; National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Airport, port, railway station and other Border crossing, border defense hawks. Private private enterprises can also choose to fly the flag to watch the patriotic and respect the country.

The local councils, the local people 's governments, the people' s governments, the people 's procuratorates and the local people' s congresses of the People 's Political Consultative Conference shall raise the national flag on the working day.

Full-time school, in addition to winter vacation, summer vacation and Sunday, the daily rise should be the flag.

The National Day, the International Labor Day, the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, the state organs and the people's organizations at all levels should raise the national flag; enterprises and organizations, villagers' committees, residents' committees, urban residents' houses and buildings, parks and public places Conditions can rise to the flag. Not the Spring Festival as a traditional festival of ethnic minority areas, the Spring Festival is the rise of the flag, by the national autonomous areas of the organs of self-government regulations. National autonomous areas in the national autonomous areas to set up anniversaries and major traditional national festivals, you can ascend the flag.

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